Lojong Lovesong (aka: Indestructible)

With instructions such as "Be grateful to everyone" and "Abandon any hope of fruition," the 59 slogans of Lojong are purposely contrary, turning our minds' conventional ideas inside out in an effort to remind us how to awaken our hearts. Seemed appropriate as we teeter on the verge of Valentine's Day...

LOJONG LOVESONG (AKA: Indestructible)

Train wholeheartedly, but don’t expect applause.

Offer everything you have to give — all the love in your heart,

but never assume you will receive confirmation from the recipient,

or that it will even reach the intended party at all

(though it may reach their dog).

Be ok with that level of uncertainty.

(Keep your gaze steady and soft, but allow your peripheral vision to become expansive)

It will find a mark, but no return address


Think less boomerang and more paper airplane.

For if you try to hold it, control it, make it tangible or traceable —


But offer it freely,

and touch freedom’s Immeasurable Joy.