“The mind of an ordinary person is never anything but awakened wisdom.” -Gotsangpa

The systems of yoga and meditation are part of a living tradition, passed down from teacher to student and shared in supportive communities (sangha) of others committed to personal and collective transformation. These days, the access to information regarding these practices is abundant, but the personal relationship that forms the cornerstone of their deeper meaning and sustainability can often be lost in the shuffle. It is easy to become overwhelmed, cynical or simply lose momentum. For this reason, it is helpful to have a friend on your path to share the journey.

In Sanskrit, such a person is called a Kalayanimitra, or “spiritual friend.” Not a guru, but an ordinary person who has been down this road themselves, gleaned some wisdom through experience and serves as both companion and guide along your journey. Practice is all about intentional relationships - to your body, your mind and ultimately, the world around you — so as yours deepens, it makes sense to seek out mutually supportive connections. To this end, I (humbly) offer personal meditation and/or yoga instruction in the spirit of the kalayanamitra relationship — a model built on trust, ethics, wisdom and attention.

I work with individuals as well as facilitate group sessions across a broad spectrum of age and experience, including adults, children and adolescents. If you are interested in deepening your practice with personalized instruction, please contact me directly.