Energetic Alchemy


Movement has always been my default mode of expression. It is the way I make sense of the world, and my teaching comes from a place deeply rooted in my own experience of the practices of yoga and meditation. If I had to give my teaching style a name, I suppose it would be "deep flow" — a totally old school version of vinyasa, in which precision of alignment blends with the fluidity of the breath to create sequences that dance in a rhythmic, instinctual way. I offer yoga that is well rounded, challenging, but also honest and responsive to what is arising in the moment. That means no two classes are exactly the same, but my hope is that they feel familiar in the sense that they are restorative — a sort of energetic alchemy that realigns body, mind and breath to their natural, open and yes, luminous state. 


Over the years I have been strongly influenced by the precision of Iyengar yoga and the powerful steadiness of Ashtanga. In addition to OM yoga center, during my early teaching career, I was part of the founding faculty of Kula Yoga Project (Schuyler Grant), as well as Virayoga (Elena Brower). I have been humbled to serve as a teaching assistant to international yoga teacher Shiva Rea, and am grateful for the trial by fire experience of training future yoga teachers with Shiva, at OM yoga center, the Yoga Space and most recently, as part of Jill Knouse's Elevate teacher training faculty in Portland, OR (my current home). Along the road, my heart opened to the devotional beauty of mantra and Sufi poetry — the upshot being an advanced certification through Laughing Lotus Yoga, an amazing library, as well as a modest collection of Indian instruments, which I am slowly learning to play properly. But it is the thread of mindfulness/awareness practice that has woven these practices together — a reminder of emptiness that manifests as the powerful potential of spaciousness. To this end, I continue to study with my first meditation teacher from “back in the day” at OM, Ethan Nichtern, a senior teacher in the Shambhala lineage and founder of the Interdependence Project in NYC, from which I am also a graduate of the Secular Buddhist Studies Program. I most recently completed a certificate in Contemplative Psychotherapy and Buddhism through the Nalanda Institute for Contemplative Science under the firm, loving guidance of  Dr. Miles Neale, and currently serve as a teaching assistant for his global Contemplative Studies Program.

A mind that knows its own depth can see the brilliant, elemental magic of the world.
— Sakyong Mipham Rinpoche